Parq Vancouver Refused to Allow Entry to Drake

The management of the well-known Parq Vancouver Casino appears to be keeping its composure in spite of the allegations of racial profiling that have been leveled against the establishment. They have given a level-headed and calm response to the allegations leveled by the rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by his stage name, Drake, among his many admirers.

The rapper claims that he was recently turned away by workers in an unethical manner, and that he is seeking redress for this. Shortly after the event, he vented his frustrations on social media, alleging that the Parq Vancouver was the most poorly managed company he had ever come across. In addition to that, he brought up the fact that the venue had requested information from him, and he went on and on about how he had given the management team everything that they had asked for in the first place.


Absolutely Nothing to Do With Ethnicity

Given the attitude of the casino, the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that the rapper intended to bet huge quantities of cash without providing sufficient evidence of whence the money came from in the first place. Drake’s allegations of racial profiling were met with a denial from the casino, which stated that the reason for Drake’s rejection had nothing to do with his color but everything to do with the casino’s obligation to comply with the stringent anti-money laundering legislation of British Columbia.


The laws of the province stipulate that any transaction involving more than ten thousand Canadian dollars (CA$) must be investigated, and that customers must produce documentary evidence to demonstrate how and where they obtained the monies involved in the transaction. At this point, it is not yet apparent whether the rapper failed to come up with the requisite documentation or whether he just believed that he was above the reach of the law. However, it is possible that he did both.


The Staff Was Performing Their Duties

During this time, the casino has issued a number of public remarks on the incident. This is particularly significant given the fact that the establishment was being called out and embarrassed on social media. Even though Drake’s name was never once mentioned in any of the comments, it was abundantly clear from the content that they were treating the problem seriously and that a comprehensive investigation had been initiated.


The restaurant offered an apology to one of its customers despite the fact that it had not done anything wrong at any point in time; this was due to the fact that the client had a negative experience while they were a patron there. The president of the Parq Vancouver Casino, Joe Brunini, was certain in his belief that the race card had been played unnecessarily and that staff members were only carrying out the duties that were assigned to them.


The British Columbia Lottery Corporation introduced some brand new guidelines back in January of this year. By law, casinos have an obligation to investigate the origin of large quantities of money that are spent at their establishments.






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